Blog written by Jessica Jane Robinson

Back in 2012, Al Gore’s invited community members to create their own expedition showing how climate change and/or sea level rise will affect their local communities.

I was inspired by the Climate Reality Project’s Expedition in Bangladesh, which is threatened by sea level rise, and I decide to take on the call to action.

After securing grant funding I began two years work of researching and interviewing a number of local, state and national representatives. The list of interviews include Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom, Alameda Mayor Marie Gilmore, Green For All, UC Berkeley Professors, NRDC, and more.

In March 2014, the first 20 minute Resilience Climate Change Expedition was completed and released to the public. The documentary covers:

  1. What is Climate Change?
  2. Why you should care?
  3. What you can do about it?