Buddy Boyd, from Zero Waste Canada, is currently fighting an incinerator from being built near British Columbia.

For those who are unfamiliar with incinerators and the toxins released from them, read my previous blog: How Does My Waste Directly Impact Climate Change?


All those who are up to date, informed and concerned about the impacts incinerators have on local communities and our environment, here is a:


Help Buddy Boyd, in British Columbia, stop an incinerator from being built by sending him your selfie!

  1. create a sign that says: NO  INCINERATORS
  2. include your City/Town and State
  3. email your selfie to Buddy Boyd at bc@zerowastecanada.ca
  4. like the Zero Waste Canada Facebook fan page
  5. like the Resilience Birthright Facebook fan page 🙂

Thank you for your support and helping our global community solve climate change!