Blog written by Jessica Jane Robinson

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with all the new findings about products containing ingredients that cause cancer or other harmful diseases and wonder why these products are even allowed on the market?

Have you ever wondered why that company hasn’t made the changes to their products and take out the harmful ingredients?

Have you ever felt frustrated or angry with a certain company or corporation’s lack of moral and ethics, whether it is because they have workers in other countries in sweatshops, or their operation has destroyed some precious habitat on our planet?

Or have you felt powerless, without a voice, to corporations you know are climate and environmental offenders?

The truth is corporations make decisions based off of their profit and shareholders. It is technically unethical for CEOs to make major environmental, community driven, or health decisions if it does not directly increase profit and the share value. In fact if a CEO focused on a project specifically to help address climate change and it had nothing to do with driving up the profit, it would be UNETHICAL according to the function of regular corporate standards.

Well the positive news is there are apps that can help you vote with your dollar!

Yes, there are apps that can help you purchase products that are in alignment with your morality, humanity, and ethics!

The is a great example of an app that rates products and companies based off of what is important to YOU, whether it is the environment, society, and health. Not only that if a product has a low rating, you can investigate the causes for the low rating. You can look into the negative impacts on health because the app will expose the harmful ingredients and the side effects. If a company or product has a low rating and it is due to society and the environment, you can look deeper and read about the working condition of the workers and if any the environment is being harmed due to operations and production.

What the GoodGuide App does is create transparency to information the consumer about a company or product, which may not be as “visible” if you were not using the app.

Transparency allows you, the consumer, to make conscious purchases with the knowledge about what you are using and supporting. This allows you, the customer, to purchase with your $1  in alignment with your morality, humanity, and ethics! What a concept?!

Call To Action:

  1. Look up some products you use on the
  2. Read about the reasoning behind the rating of the product and/or company.
  3. Decide if the product and or company is something you want to continue to support or use? If not, look for an alternative product or service provider that is in harmony with YOU!

Voting with our $1 is one way we can send a positive message to companies and corporations:

  1. That you agree with them and support them to continue the good ethical work!
  2. Or you do not agree and discontinued to purchase or use their products or services. This is powerful message to the company that they are loosing customers and it’s hurting their profit, therefore it will NOW BECOMES ETHICAL TO MAKE THE CHANGES NEEDED TO GAIN THEIR CLIENTELE BACK!
  3. Voting with your $1 also empowers CEOs and corporations to make the right decisions based on what people want and in return they have loyal customers who support their work, trust them and it has a positive impact on their shares in return!

The consumer then becomes the VOICE, the DECISION MAKER, the ENVIRONMENTAL and HUMANITARIAN HERO!!!

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