The US Presidential Election 2016 is happening this coming Tuesday, November 8th, 2016. There has been an incredible amount of focus on the presidential candidates and not much on the propositions.

There are two propositions that impact the will of the people in California, Proposition 67 and Proposition 65. One supports the plastic bag ban, while another allows corporations to overthrow the will and decision of the people to ban the plastic bags that choke and suffocate our environment.

(video filmed October 15th, 2016 @Race to Zero Waste with superhero Resilience- Jessica Jane Robinson, the Bag Monster and Box Boy)



In 2014 California passed a law to phase out single-use grocery bags. A YES on 67 will keep this law in place and will help implement it statewide.


This proposition is very misleading. It was created by single-use plastic bag manufacturers to confuse voters to defeat Proposition 67. It says it’s about funding environmental programs but if you read the fine print of the California Voter Information Guide: “A provision of Proposition 65 could be interpreted by the courts as preventing Senate Bill 270 (the plastic bag ban) from going into effect at all.” IF 65 GETS MORE VOTES THAN 67, THEN THERE WILL BE NO STATEWIDE BAG BAN AND THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE, THE PEOPLE’S VOICE, WILL BE SHUT DOWN BY PLASTIC BAG MANUFACTURERS.

You have a choice in this matter. #Vote with your heart #VotePeoplePlanetPeace


Here’s a tune to jam to on the way to the voting booth this coming Tuesday!

Executive Producer: Randy Russell, Northern California Recycling Association

Editor: Mike Noyes, Drunk Justice Productions

Music Producer: DJ Moonbeam
Vocals: James D’Albora, Gino Pastoring, Jewel Love
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