Written By: Jessica Jane Robinson

January 14th, 2017 was a big day for me as CEO and Founder of Resilience Birthright, Incorporated. I screened my third documentary for the first time in front of a live audience of 70+ people at the Alameda Veteran’s Hall.

The group seemed very engaged with the plot of the story and after the 40-minute film was done the hall erupted with a heartfelt applause of appreciation for the work I have created and shared.

So now I am happy to announce that the Resilience Climate Change Expedition, Part 3 is now available to the public on YouTube.

Resilience Climate Change Expedition, Part 3 is a part of a series of documentaries focusing on winning solutions that address waste and greenhouse gas reduction, resource recovery, sustainability and zero waste as ways to help solve climate change locally and globally. The series highlights ways individuals and communities can participate to become a part of the movement to help stop the global emergency we are currently facing that threatens our home, Planet Earth.

Part 3, focuses on ways we can:

  • Think outside the box and utilize human power to generate energy
  • Clean the planet of litter by joining a social movement
  • Support communities by recycling our clothing
  • Be a part of an agricultural movement in food justice for all
  • See how one company is able to divert over 90% from the landfill by utilizing efficient strategies
  • Get a deeper understanding how our daily waste choices impact our global communities

Featured: Programs, Organizations, and Movements

The Northern California Recycling Association: http://ncrarecycles.org/

Bay Area Green Tours: http://www.bayareagreentours.org/word…

Oakland Impact Hub: http://oakland.impacthub.net/

Litterati: http://www.litterati.org/

DR3: http://www.mattressrecycling.us/

Rock the Bike: http://rockthebike.com/store/

Planting Justice: http://www.plantingjustice.org/

Recycle for Change: http://www.recycleforchange.org/


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