Written By: Jessica Jane Robinson

The story of how Resilience Birthright came to be, could really become a complete memoir of my life. From a very early age, I learned about death, betrayal, drugs, and unfortunately suicide. Since this is a blog and not a book about my life, I will share bite-size, digestible small stories of who I am, my experiences, and where I came from, to help you the reader, follower, and or fan understand my work and true motives. I will slowly share bits and pieces so that you and others can learn to trust that my heart is pure with intentions to help and solve climate change and support you to do the same.

When I was ten, my mother committed suicide. Losing my mother was the starting point of my depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, panic attacks, fear of reject, and what turned to be an experience of abandonment issues that consumed most of my childhood and adult life.

However, my journey through the darkness blessed me with insight and depth that I have learned to transform into light. Light in which I share with you and others to help address and solve climate change.

Here is a short 3-minute confession, a little glimpse into my story:


One of the ways I share my light is through imagination and creativity. I have written a graphic novel called, “Resilience Birthright: Origins of Resilience,” about a superhero whose mission is to stop climate change and help uplift the consciousness of the planet.

 You can pre-order the graphic novel through the Indiegogo Campaign:



Also, you can download the first 12 pages of the graphic novel HERE for free!