Resilience Birthright: Wall of Fame

Sharing stories, ideas and call to actions to help our communities and planet address climate change.


Welcome to the Resilience Birthright: Hall of Fame!

This is a blog where people, communities, schools, businesses, and organizations can be inspired, learn, take on call to actions to help reduce their carbon footprint and share their success stories with the Resilience Family, a one world global community.

We are all impacted by climate change.

We all have a carbon footprint that contributes to climate change.

We all have a choice to reduce our carbon footprint individually and collectively.

We can and will solve our climate emergency.

Here at the Resilience Birthright: Hall of Fame everyone is encouraged to:

  1. Learn; read the blogs and watch the videos/documentaries
  2. Implement; take on the call to actions and try out new sustainable lifestyle tips
  3. Share; share the blog posts and most importantly share your stories by commenting in the blog commentary

By learning, implementing and sharing we will learn from one another, grow as individuals and as a community and together we will find our inner resilience!

Together we can solve climate change!